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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Review: Seven Slings Baby Carrier

I have never been good with baby slings.  They were uncomfortable and Caleb seemed to hate them.  When I was pregnant with him I had envisioned his sweet form snuggled close to me in a sling, while I did daily household chores.  Not so.  He screamed.  He wiggled.  I was uncomfortable.  He has always been this way when it came to slings and carriers.  That is, until I found Seven Slings!

    Seven Slings, (also known as Udder Covers.) was running a special of a free sling if shipping was paid on Thanksgiving.  I jumped in there and chose one.  I am NOT sorry I did!  My first impression of this sling in person wasn't the greatest... slings I had in the past were big and bulky and required hanging up.  This one came folded in a 4"x3" zip top bag.  The material didn't appear to be as soft as I had imagined. 
   In spite of this, I tried it on.  (hey... I paid shipping!)  It had clear instructions on the different ways to wear it, all with pictures.  (think How to Wear a Seven Sling for Dummies!)  It was incredibly SIMPLE!  I was pleased.  It fit Caleb and I like a glove.  And better yet- he seemed to really like it!  I used it for two days straight and it worked well.  It was comfy & supportive, and Caleb enjoyed walking around with me.  My one problem was Caleb's hands... this sling needs handcuffs attached to it.  (jk...ha ha)  He got into everything I was doing.
  This sling really did lighten my load if I needed to carry him.  When he is going through hard teething, he wants to be stuck to me like glue.  This is really tough if I need to do anything, such as run and answer the phone, or fix lunch.  This sling helped tremendously.

   The one thing I would change about it would probably be to make it double sided.  I really like the looks of Chic Papoose slings... I may try one of those, too..  (hey... it can't hurt to have two good slings, huh?)

   I look forward to using this sling with our next child... I can just see that sweet baby snuggled close.  ;-)

To  visit the Seven Slings website, click here.
The Udder Covers website is currently advertising a free nursing cover with the code onefree.  I seen someone say this also worked at Seven Slings.  You may want to head over there and find out!

Seven Slings Baby Carrier
PROS: Easy to use, comfortable, supportive.
CONS: Could be softer or sleeker, would be nice if it were double sided.
RATING: 4.0 Stars out of 5.0


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